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Powertrain: Dual overhead cam, fuel-injected cc inline four-cylinder.

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The GSX-R — arguably the bike that started the replica racer revolution — marked its 25th anniversary in For us in the States, was the first time we could zip down the road on a Gixxer, so this year is something of an unofficial 25th anniversary for the in America. Suzuki revised the and at the same time, with the getting virtually all the goodies with which the was endowed.

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No matter how many vest-wearing squids ride and crash GSX-Rs, there will always be something special about them. The GSX-R didn't create the fully-faired sportsbike genre, but init was the first one to have all the pieces: fully adjustable forks and shock, aluminum frame, lbs and hp.

Twenty seven years later, the Suzuki GSX-R is still the fastest sportsbike you can ride on the street. Whoa there, you say? They work great on bump-free tracks with high-speed corners, but not so well on 30 mph street corners.

Suzuki gsx-r review (video)

They're simply too stiff and the ergonomics aren't great for street riding. Is that safe and responsible? That's for you to decide, but the GSX-R is faster on the street. In I was in the market for a new supersport. I'd been commuting on a piece of crap Ninja bent frame and front wheel, no fairing, cracked and rashed tail and when the motor went, I decided that maybe it was time for a new bike. I read all the reviews, compared specs and looked up who was winning races on what. I wanted the fastest bike for the least amount of money and for that reason, I was dead-set on an R6.

Then I spent a few minutes sitting on one at a dealership. Reality set in, and I knew that freeway miles per week on a seat deed for the track would be The Ducati and Triumph were next on the list. They're faster than the R6, but even less comfortable. That left the GSX-R. And, inthe blue was a good looking bike and honestly the only visually acceptable configuration. It also had a comfortable seat, short tank, high bars and adjustable rearsets.

If you ask most motorcycle journalists, they'll tell you it's comparatively down on power and overweight, but that's only in stock form. I'd rather have a high-quality comfortable motorcycle that makes 2 less hp and weighs 10 pounds more. It's not like it's hard to lose 20 pounds and gain a few hp either.

Suzuki gsx-r too good for squids

Changing the heavy stock pipe and catalytic converter for a light-weight header and slip-on from an '07 model is actually the only change necessary. The has different cams, crank, pistons, throttle bodies and engine mapping. It also has different color options.

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When you're moving, the is faster but not a lot and not in the ways you would expect. The is a high RPM race motor; it doesn't do much under 10, RPM, you have to monitor gears closely and there's not a lot of options if you want the to go fast.

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The is much more relaxed. It wasn't deed for racing so, instead, Suzuki built an engine that works well on the road. There's good power everywhere and there's a very smooth, linear powerband. It has no problem pulling well at 6,rpm, or if you go full-throttle at 12,rpm there's still power there too. You can ride it like a or you can run a gear higher and relax a little. The latest version has an even shorter tank, making it more comfortable than ever before. If you're short and trying to decide on a sportsbike, look no further.

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Ashlee, at 5' 6", can put both feet flat on the ground. What used to be a pretty good chassis with passable suspension is now a really good chassis with amazing forks and brakes.

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Showa BPF forks deliver amazing front end feel and don't bottom out under braking like the old forks did. They're so much better that they deserve credit for at least part of the improved braking feel. The rest of that credit goes to the Brembo Monobloc calipers.

Suzuki gsx-r review

So imagine how good this setup would be with the same upgrades. Suzuki changed more than just the forks and brakes though. The new frame and swingarm save 4. The motor gets new cams, pistons and a reshaped crankcase. And the new bodywork and light are good for an 8. The frame was changed so that the swingarm could be mounted further forward, but it's not a new de, just an update. In moving the motor and swingarm closer to the steering head, 15mm of wheelbase was lost.

New wheels look like the old ones, but they're lighter and spin on lighter axles. The old weighed something like lbs with a full tank of gas and the new one is The is a pound or two heavier.

Suzuki gsx-r superbike test ride

Unfortunately, the shock and steering damper are the same as they've been since The shock gets the job done, but it's nothing to write home about. Have it revalved or replace it with an Ohlins TT-X The steering damper is terrible. I'm not sure what's inside, but it doesn't feel like valves and oil.

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Ironically, the new lighter-weight headlight is dimmer. The projector low beam and dual high-beams I love so much on my '09 are vastly superior in every way except for weight. Last is S-DMS.

Suzuki gsx-r ( - ) review

This is the switch no one will ever use. It used to be on the right bar, above the start button, but it's been moved to the left where the amazingly useful high-beam flash button used to be. When A or Standard mode is selected, it does nothing. When B-mode is selected, it cuts power quite a bit. If you were an inexperienced rider, it might save you from a high-side.

But, if you're an inexperienced rider, what are you doing on a GSX-R ? Are you fucking crazy?! This is a bike for people who have a line item for knee pucks in their monthly budget. Suzuki listened to customer feedback and did away with C-mode, which cut power so much it was almost funny.

Either way, I'm bummed to see the high-beam flash button lose its spot. I was riding the and I took it easy on the way up to keep Wes and Grant in sight. Once they figured out the road and I got a chance to get out on my own and push, I found out that there are real differences to the GSX-R. Hard on the brakes, drop three gears, dump the clutch and turn in hard.

The rear wheel breaks free and slowly goes sideways.

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As I increase lean angle and ease off the brakes, the back end comes back. My right puck touches down and 15 feet later, I'm at the apex. Roll the throttle open, get off the bike as far as possible and hold on as the front end gets light. Knowing the limitations of the factory BT tires they overheat and get greasyI limited my fun to just a few miles.

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But what a few miles. No single element by itself would make this bike fast, but, just like init has the entire package: brakes, forks, chassis and a motor that makes a lot of accessible power in the case of thealong with tricks like a perfectly dialed slipper-clutch. Get over the stigma of stuntahs and squids and the fact that most iterations of the GSX-R are a bit ugly and you're left with the most impressively performing bike that's comfortable enough for daily street use. Home Suzuki Reviews. Nov 14, at pm ET.

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