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My boyfriend dumped me and says that he wants to stay single forever and wants to give up everything we had together. I asked if we could still be good friends and he said yes. I asked him if he still loved me but he went offline.

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I know, I know. First of all, is there anything you can do to make him miss you, and get him to commit to the relationship again? And men will never contradict it because they consider it to be unmanly. Do you know what I really hate? I often receive e-mails from women who are completely heartbroken because their partner just left them. They went out of their way to get their man back.

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By Chris Seiter. There is no way around it, when someone breaks up with you, it sucks.

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This is going to focus on what steps you can take to get your ex boyfriend back if he broke up with you. Now, I want to give you a little notice here, I am not one of those people that is going to fill your head up with all sorts of lies saying that the methods talked about on this are guaranteed to have him crawling back to you. All I will say is this, if you follow the advice on this your chances of getting him back will increase dramatically. If you want this to work then you better have a legitimate reason for wanting to get back together with your ex. Responses like:.

I want you to have a healthy and long relationship so that is why I am preaching this so much. As I am sure you have already figured out, men are quite complicated when it comes to relationships. There is a whole list of reasons that he may have potentially given you for the break up. What I am going to do for you is take the most common reasons that men use for a break up and tell you what they really mean. Ah, the oldest excuse in the book.

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There are two big things you need to realize about someone who gave you this reason. First off, most of the time they are lying to you about the real reason why they wanted to breakup. Off the top of my head here are some of the REAL reasons why they wanted to breakup:. Take out a sheet of paper and list all the real reasons that you can come up with that would make him break up with you.

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Unlike the reason above, this is a legitimate excuse for a guy to use. No one likes to be criticized every step of the way. In fact, nothing is a bigger turnoff to a man than a woman pointing out everything he is doing wrong. Men like to be admired and appreciated. Every time you nag or criticize him to a great extent you are hurting your mans confidence and lowering your value in his eyes.

The good news in this case is that this is something you can fix since you control what you say. Take some time and really work on being less judgmental of him. I will say that out of all the reasons I listed on this this one gave me the most trouble.

Now you know how to make him miss you

The only thing I can think of, if your ex gives you this reason, is that he is really angry about something that he refuses to talk about it. In any case, this one is going to require you to do some deeper digging internally.

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A very popular topic here on our site except usually people ask about it if they were the ones who were cheated on. In this case, we are flipping the coin and looking at how you can recover if YOU were the one who cheated on them.

Whatever the case, think really hard about if you want to get back with a person that literally numbed you enough that you cheated on them. However, I want to ask you to consult the list of legitimate reasons before you go through with anything.

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If you consult the list and decide you still want your ex boyfriend back just realize that it is not going to be easy. You hurt this person and you are going to have to work extremely hard to gain back their trust.

How to make him miss you like crazy after a breakup – 12 simple steps

Getting your ex boyfriend back is a very complicated subject that few are willing to dive into, luckily, I am one of those few. Here is the deal though, I am not going to give you the exact steps to getting your ex back on this. I already created a mega that does just that. Yup, I am that confident.

What are your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My boyfriend just broke up with me last week. We have been together for a year and we were both so happy. I know his mom has something to do with it because she wanted him to date many girls and not just one.

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I love him and I want him back. The only problem is we go to the same school and have a few classes together. He told me he still wanted to be friends so we talk for a short amount of time after class. We also have a snap streak over and he snapped me asking if I still wanted to keep it with him and I said yes.

Step 1: the no contact rule – cut off contact with him

Is this preventing him from missing me and wanting me back? He also is remaining friends with my friend group and has been hanging around with us at lunch sometimes. Jean, if you want to follow the program then snapchat streak is irrelevant. Hi there, My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. This is certainly something I want to change. I want him back so badly. I wish I could just tell him right now how much I was willing to work for him. I suppose my question simply is, what do I do? Everything was well written I like the way you wrote it. It was as if I was really having a conversation with you in real life.

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I got excally what I wanted to know from your … Thanks. Hi My bf just broke up with me again. We had a fight about a really silly thing and he just dumped me.

Do guys always come back after they dump you…?

How do I get him back again. Will the no contact rule work again. Hi Tanisha, you need to stick with a No Contact for at least 30 days and work on yourself in that time, allow him to worry why you are not reaching out to him or replying to him in those 30 days. Read the articles and use this information t help you follow the program.

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My ex fiance left us 5 days ago. He moved out while I was at work. We were together 4 years, my son considered him his dad. I was resentful he stopped helping me clean and do things that needed to be done. I was the only one paying the bills a lot of the time not always but majority so in turn I became a colder person and our intimate life dropped off badly. He was upset about that but I had anamosity. We got into a bad rut and we could have tried harder to fix it because we both are good people. Make sure that he is feeling safe and that you are not going anywhere, he may even show s of anxiety from the change.

You then need to spend some time in the no contact period to allow your ex some space. I understand your frustrations with his actions, by the sound of things just got tough. If you work on yourself showing the person you were when he met you and happier and fun person he may realise where he went wrong with his own actions too.

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My boyfriend broke up with me he started by ghosting not really communicating with me and our mutual friend. Then I did check on him sometimes he would say his things are complicated now.

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Me:You will talk about it? I texted him again saying I still love him and want us to fix things. I feel ashamed that I acted needy. Feel like he must have been starting to get annoyed with me. Do u think I have chances to get him back? Hi Nozipho — you need to follow a no contact and stick with it as your ex clearly knows that all he has to do is reach out and you are there waiting.

I would suggest that you stick with a 45 day no contact this time around and ignore your exes attempts to speak to you this time around.

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I want to see him again…just to talk if he wants to …we have not talked for a yearproperly…. Thank you. Me and my ex had been dating for two and a half years and had been engaged for the last six months of our relationship. I am left confused and hurt because I was never pressuring him for marriage or to get a house, it was all him. I have been in the NC phase and have not heard from him either.

What do I need to do at this point?