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This is the fourteenth in our series of posts by students on the job market this year. People are afraid of HIV. Moreover, people around the world are convinced that the virus is easier to get than it actually is.

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Hello Doc, I have seen your replies to the people who are totally distressed like me. And i should thank you for all your supports to all of us. Let me say you my problem and advice on what to do. Exactly one week back on 18th Aug'15, i had sex with a sex worker. We started with a foreplay and so on.

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HIV is passed on through blood, semen, vaginal fluid, anal mucus and breast milk, if the person with HIV has a detectable viral load. Similarly, the risk of passing on HIV to someone else if you have a detectable viral load and cut yourself is also very low. Wash away any blood with soap and hot water and cover the wound with a sticking plaster or dressing.

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Body fluids including semen and vaginal secretions can contain HIV. If a person has HIV and a detectable viral load, HIV can passed on to someone if their semen or vaginal secretions get into the body of a sexual partner during vaginal or anal sex. If a man has HIV and a detectable viral loadone of his body fluids where the virus is found is his semen.

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Pre-cum also contains HIV — this is why there is a risk of infection even if a man pulls out of his partner before he ejaculates. If a woman has HIV and she has a detectable viral load, one of her body fluids where the virus is found is in her vaginal secretions.

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If these come into contact with a penis during sex, then HIV could be transmitted. The virus in her secretions can enter through the delicate skin of the penis or foreskin.

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Using a condom correctly prevents contact with semen or vaginal secretions and bloodstopping HIV from being passed on. The virus cannot pass through the latex of the condom. People with HIV who are on effective treatment and have an undetectable viral load cannot pass on HIV through any of their body fluids.

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Sex without a condom can also result in pregnancy if other contraception is not being used. These are parts of the body with wet, absorbent skin such as the:.

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This is called a needlestick injury. The risk of being infected in this way is very low. However, if someone thinks they have been exposed to HIV through a needlestick injury, post-exposure prophylaxis PEP may be an option.

Ways hiv can be transmitted

A condom will act as a barrier against any contact with blood during sex. This can be avoided by using fresh needles and not sharing needles, syringes and other equipment. If a woman has HIV, her menstrual blood also carries a risk of transmission if she has a detectable viral load. HIV does not usually survive long outside of the body, but contact with blood especially on broken skin should be avoided.

Will i get hiv with just insertion without condom

Hepatitis C can survive in dried blood at room temperature for several weeks, and hepatitis B can survive in dried blood for around a week outside the body. To clean up blood that has been spilled, wear rubber gloves and mop up the liquid using bleach and warm water one part bleach to 10 parts water.

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Receiving a blood transfusion or other products made from blood is safe in the UK as all blood products have been screened for infections such as HIV since This contains health or social care information produced in line with the Information Standard. How is HIV transmitted? If someone with HIV has a detectable viral loadthey can pass on HIV through the following body fluids: blood semen including pre-cum vaginal fluid anal mucus breast milk.

Most activities pose no risk of getting or passing on HIV. HIV cannot be passed on by: kissing hugging shaking hands sharing space with someone sharing a toilet sharing household items such as cups, plates, cutlery, or bed linen any other general social contact.

People think it’s easy to contract hiv. that’s a good thing, right? maybe not. guest post by jason kerwin

How long can HIV survive outside the body? How do you get HIV from semen or vaginal fluid? Do condoms stop HIV being passed on? Condoms should only be used with a water-based lubricant as oil-based lube weakens them. Mother-to-child transmission Text.

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She may be offered a Caesarean birth if her viral load is detectable. The baby is given a course of HIV treatment for the first few weeks. The mother not breastfeeding.

It’s possible to get hiv from putting the tip in — here’s how to handle it

How could you get HIV from contact with blood? These are parts of the body with wet, absorbent skin such as the: eyes vagina head of the penis inside of the anus mouth.

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How to be safe when coming into contact with infected blood Text. What should I do if I need to clean up blood? Put the waste, used gloves and bloodied clothes in a plastic bag, seal and throw away.

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Can you get HIV from a blood transfusion? Giving blood has never been a risk.

Can you get hiv from having sex with someone who has aids?

Related Content Items. Information Standard. Content last reviewed 31 October Next review due 31 October