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Scot chica Christmas mingle movie boy to naughties

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A marketing executive tries to find Mr. Right on a Christian dating website. When impressing her dream guy ends in disaster, Gwyneth gets in touch with her spiritual side. In. Play trailer Comedy Drama Family.

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Chris Aronoff Suzette Schafer. It's obvious that Christian Mingle is racist against Black and Mexican people, but I'm not even sure that it likes White Christian people, or it wouldn't make them look so damn stupid.

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Review by Claire Richards 4. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. This movie really is about a woman who lies about being Christian so she can make an on ChristianMingle.

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But the gag is by the end of the movie she not only finds Mr. Right, she finds Him! Also, this movie somehow manages to have slightly racist undertones and has a weird subplot about hair growth pills. I'm not kidding.

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Review by Matt 9. I just want to put out there that this IS, in fact, not only a real movie but is absolutely a feature-length dating website advertisement.

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The fact that I was not surprised by the blatant racism in this movie says a lot. Truthfully, the film is a telling indictment of American Evangelical Christianity. This is religion sold as an infomercial, a film that occupies a very select group of movies for me that are deeply repellent on legitimately every level.

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There's not a lot to say about this since it adds to little to that conversation. Either you already know the people in here are despicable or you're the type of person who goes…. Part V of Flounder's Christathon.

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About as good as you'd expect from an hour and a half long advertisement for a dating website, Christian Mingle is a film that tries so hard to be quirky, upbeat, and hip that it's instead miserable and utterly cringe-inducing, with shallow and poorly written characters including Lacey Chabert at her most dim and unlikableuninspired direction, bad acting, awkward humor, and shocking racist undertones.

I wanted to reap scoffs from a spooky tour through the vanilla underbelly of christian dating to help pass laundry time, but against my purposes this is without much mingle, no skimming through deranged profiles or anything. Instead it's about going through all these bible hoops for the very first dude she meets on the website because he doesn't make a big show of outright despising her like her last date. That's sad.

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This guy has a mildly evil christian Morgan Fairchild mom who knows she's just a dirty faker christian, and when he finds out she has a Christianity for Dummies cheat guide he's like maybe it would be best if you left our godawful, self-congratulatory mission trip to….

Where to watch Trailer. Director Corbin Bernsen.

Corbin Bernsen. Benjamin Jackendoff. Scott Williams. Brenton Costa. Genres romance drama comedy.

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Sorry if those were some spoilers but um you don't want to watch this. Dear Lord.

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Ok I think maybe white people should take a break from making movies for a little while.