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For many of us in the Filipino community, skin isn't just skin — it can represent complex social and historical issues. How we relate to those issues can lead us to make choices about our skin.

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Filipinos are Orientals, but for centuries they have been in contact with Western civilization. Filipinos belong to the brown race, and they are proud of it. They cherish a story that s for the difference in the races. According to Malay folklore, long ages ago the gods who dwelt upon the earth shaped clay after their own image and baked it.

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A lot of moms and d belong to different ethnic backgrounds, among them are Filipino men and women who get married to Caucasian spouses. And as soon as they start considering having a baby, one of the questions that they would have in mind is what would their half Filipino half white baby be like?

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This article is focused mainly on helping Filipino and Caucasian couples know more about their multicultural baby in terms of his or her appearance, and in terms of what would it be like for the baby to grow up knowing that he or she is of parents that have different backgrounds. It actually depends on what genes that the mother and the father brings to the table. Filipinos either have fair or brown skin, they also have black hair, and most of them have either black or brown eyes. The parents therefore should not be surprised should they see these physical traits pass on to the baby.

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There are many Filipinos who look Western or Hispanic because they have mixed genes from their parents or from their ancestors, and there are also those who look Malay or Chinese. The Philippines has been colonized by many nations in the past, this is why Filipinos look differently even from each other.

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There are parents of half Filipino and half White babies who say that their babies have black hair but blue or green eyes. There are also those who say that their children have taken on a more Filipino-like appearance.

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But this is not the same for every couple. This is because there are children who have Filipino blood, who find it very hard to convince others that they are half Filipino simply because they look just like any Caucasian from Northern America or from Europe. As mentioned, the appearance of your child will depend on the genes of both parents, but it would wise for you to take note of the fact that you are not the first Caucasian and Filipino to fall in love with each other, and your baby is not the first one that is half Filipino and half white.

For those who want to doubt the exotic beauty of the Filipino people, it would be wise to remember that pure blooded Filipino women have won the Miss Universe ant in two occasions.

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Filipino women have also often been on the leaderboards in many beauty ants. Although having a Filipino spouse is not a guarantee that you will be having beauty queens or kings for children, at the very least, you will know that this combination has been known to have wonderful in the past.

White or Caucasian moms and d have their own traits depending on what western country they come from.

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Of course, not all Filipinos have all these traits. These are just some of the traits that your child may hopefully adapt as he or she grows older with the help of your Filipino spouse.

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You need to keep note of the fact that we will never be able to find out what your half Filipino and half white baby will be like until he or she is born. What you should know however, is that you should not be afraid to have with your Filipino spouse for as long as it is what your heart desires.

It’s a complex and personal issue, but it may not be as divisive as it seems

There is also no reason for you to put the burden of expectation on your baby. As parents you should learn to love and nurture your child for who he or she is, not for who you want your child to be.

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Just learn to train and love your child, and make sure that you are there to guide and nurture your baby. Start typing to see or hit ESC to close best apps for kids best apps for children ipad apps apps for children best kids apps.

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