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City of New Lisbon, WI. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents.

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Such developments are intended to provide a safe and efficient system for pedestrian and vehicle traffic; to provide attractive recreation and open spaces as integral parts of the development; to enable economic de in the location of public and private utilities and community facilities; and to ensure adequate standards of construction and planning. The planned unit development under this chapter will allow for flexibility of overall development de, with benefits from such de flexibility intended to be derived by both the developer and the community, while at the same time maintaining, insofar as possible, the land use density and other standards or use requirements as set forth in the underlying basic zoning district.

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The unified and planned development of a site in a single, partnership or corporate ownership or control or in common ownership under the Condominium Ownership Act set forth in Ch. This article contemplates that there may be residential, commercial and industrial planned unit developments and mixed compatible use developments.

A planned unit development shall be consistent in all respects with the expressed intent of this article and with the spirit and intent of this chapter, shall be in conformity with the adopted Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood plan or any adopted component thereof, and shall not be contrary to the general welfare and economic prosperity of the community.

Minimum area requirements. Areas deated as planned unit developments shall contain a minimum development area as follows:.

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Density requirements lot area, width and yard requirements. The district area, width and yard requirements of the basic use district may be modified; however, in no case shall the average density in a residential district exceed the of dwelling units that would have been permitted if the planned unit development regulations had not been utilized. Building height and area requirements. Single parcel, lot or tract.

At the time of filing, the planned unit development shall be considered as one tract, lot or parcel, and the legal description must define said PUD as a single parcel, lot or tract. The development site shall be provided with adequate drainage facilities for surface water and stormwater.

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The site will be accessible from public ro that are adequate to carry the traffic that can be expected to be generated by the development. No undue constraint or burden shall be imposed on public services and facilities, such as fire and police protection, street maintenance, water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage and maintenance of public areas, by the development. The streets and driveways on the site of the development shall be adequate to serve the residents of the development and, in the case of public dedicated streets, will meet the minimum standards of all applicable ordinances or administrative regulations of the City.

Public water and sewer facilities shall be provided. The division of any land or lands within a planned unit development for the purpose of change or conveyance of ownership may be accomplished pursuant to ChapterSubdivision of Land, of this Code when such division is contemplated.

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Sections through set forth the basic philosophy and intent in providing for planned unit developments, the kinds thereof, the general requirements, physical requirements and requirements as to public services and facilities. The following sections are intended to set forth the procedures and considerations involved leading to possible approval of such developments.

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Pre-petition conference. Petition for approval. Such petition shall be accompanied by a review fee as set by the Common Council as well as incorporate the following information: [1]. A statement which sets forth the relationship of the proposed PUD to the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood plan, or any adopted component thereof and the general character of and the uses to be included in the proposed PUD, including the following information:.

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Public hearing. The Plan Commission, in making a recommendation, and the Common Council, in making a determination approving a petition for planned unit development, shall find as follows:.

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Proposed construction schedule. The Plan Commission and Common Council, in making their respective recommendation and determination, shall consider the reasonableness of the proposed construction schedule and any staging plan for the physical development of the proposed PUD, commencement of the physical development within one year of approval being deemed reasonable. Residential PUD considerations.

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The Plan Commission and Common Council, in making their respective recommendation and determination as to a proposed residential planned unit development, shall further consider whether:. To this end, structure type shall be limited as follows: planned residential developments in the residential districts shall not exceed 16 dwelling units per structure. Commercial PUD considerations. The Plan Commission and Common Council, in making their respective recommendation and determination as to a proposed commercial planned unit development, shall further consider whether:.

Industrial PUD considerations.

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The Plan Commission and Common Council, in making their respective recommendation and determination as to a proposed industrial planned unit development, shall further consider whether:. Mixed-use PUD considerations.

The Plan Commission and Common Council, in making their respective recommendation and determination as to a proposed mixed-use planned unit development, shall further consider whether:. The Common Council, following a recommendation from the Plan Commission and public hearing thereon and after due consideration, shall either deny the petition, approve the petition as submitted or approve the petition subject to any additional conditions and restrictions the Common Council may impose.

The general and detailed approvals of a planned unit development shall be based on and include, as conditions thereto, the building, site and operational plans for the development as approved by the Common Council.

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The general development plan submitted with the PUD application need not necessarily be completely detailed at the time of petition, provided that it is in sufficient detail to satisfy the Common Council as to the general character, scope and appearance of the proposed development. Such plan shall deate the pattern of proposed streets and the size and arrangement of individual buildings and building sites. The approval of such general development plan, by way of approval of the petition, shall be conditioned upon the subsequent submittal and approval of more specific and detailed plans as each stage of development progresses.

Detailed plans must be furnished to the Common Council for its consideration, and the detailed approval by the Common Council of any part or stage of the proposed development shall be required before construction of such part or stage of the development may be commenced.

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Before plans submitted for detailed approval within the corporate limits will be approved, the petitioner shall give satisfactory proof that he has contracted to install all improvements or file a performance bond insuring that such improvements will be installed within the time required by the Common Council.

Changes and additions.

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Any subsequent substantial change or addition to the plans or uses shall be submitted for approval to the Common Council, and if, in the opinion of the Common Council, such change or addition constitutes a substantial alteration of the original plan, it shall schedule an additional public hearing in which event the Common Council shall schedule a notice of public hearing as for the original petition. Following such public hearing, the Common Council shall deny, approve or approve the same subject to any additional conditions and restrictions it may impose.

Residential PUD. Commercial PUD. Industrial PUD. Mixed compatible use.