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How to date Gibson Les Paul guitars is a study of its own.

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Please note that most of this information relates to serial s used from to present. Mesa Boogie. Prior to when the Kalamazoo, MI factory was closed, the s indicated Kalamazoo production. Ranking s continued to indicate Nashville production through Ranking s for Bozeman start each day at and the electrics may start as low as the s. Examples: means the instrument was produced on Jan.

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Go to Need help on dating Gibson guitar.

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Lady near me has a Gibson guitar she wants to sell with the serial stamped on the back of the hetock. When I check references for Gibson serial s, they go from to and then jump toso this guitar's serial is not included. Also, I could not find a model anywhere on the guitar. It appears to be a J or J but I can't tell the difference.

Says it was bought back in the seventies but s indicate it's around a mid-sixties. It's a no frills flat top, dread size.

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I knew several people back in the day who had J's and looks a lot like what they had. How can I tell the model and why don't this guitar's serial appear on the references I'm finding online? Also, it does not say "Made in the USA" below the ser. Appreciate the help Bad Poppa.

From personal experience, Gibson's serial system from the '60's and '70's was a complete debacle. I'm sure that Norlin who acquired Gibson in that era was responsible for that mess. I finally found a detailed Gibson Flat-top book that broke out enough details for me to pin down the exact year of my Southern Jumbo.

Good luck.

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Originally Posted by rcoolz. Jim Owen.

Gibson guitar serial s: what can they tell you?

Hammertime, A j45 is usually sunburst. A J 50 is usually natural. If it's a 70s model, it will be square shouldered. If it's earlier, the shoulders will be rounded sloped. As to value, you'll find that the earlier models sell for considerably more than the 70s models.

How to date a vintage gibson les paul guitar

I believe it was around when Gibson adopted a "universal" system of serial s, which made the exact dating of the guitar possible. Before that, Gibson's serial s were the most inconsistent thing imaginable. There are numerous examples of various acoustic Gibsons having the same serial s as Gibson electrics and of the same serial s being reused every five to ten years or so.

But distinguishing between Js and Js is easy. All Js have sunburst tops while all Js have natural tops; otherwise, they're the same guitar. Same woods, same shape, etc. Is there a model somewhere that I'm missing?

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I looked it over pretty good and could find nothing. It's natural top, so I guess it's a J In good shape structurally, but the pickguard is off but in the case.

What's it worth now Thanks again Gibson rolled serial s over well before Arnie Berlin ed on the dotted line creating Norlin in late You also go a couple of years in the mids where Gibson just did not use them. As noted, the J acquired square shoulders in late While the top bracing started getting heavier inin Gibson went to the now "infamous" double X bracing which means there is a second X brace down around the bridge area. If you get a look in there you cannot miss it. As the skinny necks show up in that feature will not help you at all.

I am just not sure when. With regard to the serialI have never seen a six digit serial with a hyphen on a s Gibson and am not really up on my s Gibson serial s as I have zero interest in these guitars. Last edited by zombywoof; at AM. John Thomas wrote about how bad their ing system was.

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Originally Posted by fazool. Does the truss rod cover or label inside have the word "Deluxe"?

I just did a bit of checking though and every J I can find made between and has "Made in the USA" stamped on the back of the hetock. So if that is missing, it would date the guitar to no later than Unless the guitar was made very late in the year which is always a possibility it should have round shoulders. I'm not sure if the hyphen is in there. The lady wrote it down for me and when I looked at it, it was so faint I could barely make it out. I did not look for the hyphen but she might have just put it in there herself Any idea of value???

It does need a complete going over by a tech to attach the pickguard and a general set-up. Strings are so old I wonder why they could still hold up so long.

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Originally Posted by Bad Poppa. Les Paul Custom. Last edited by Doubleneck; at AM. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name.

How to verify authentic gibson serial s

Remember Me? Thread Tools. Hammertime Registered User. Date: Oct Posts: Need help on dating Gibson guitar Lady near me has a Gibson guitar she wants to sell with the serial stamped on the back of the hetock. View Public Profile. Find all posts by Hammertime.

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Quote: Originally Posted by fazool John Thomas wrote about how bad their ing system was. DanR Registered User. Date: Sep Location: St.