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Words can also be downright sexy. Look at these sexy words on thefinally getting a smidgeon of the recognition they deserve. Your sexy looks or flirtatious behavior may get his attention and attraction but your words and character are what will make him commit and fall in love.

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All of you must have been wondering how to seduce a man. A woman needs to be tricky, patient and smart to get what she wants. She needs to listen carefully to what men say and to learn from her past mistakes. I am not saying it will be easy to do that but it will pay off eventually. The thing is you should give him space and he will come back if he is into you, of course.

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Long gone are the days when it was solely up to the men to use their charm to woo a girl of their choice. Now, the playing field has been levelled, and so women are upping the art of seduction by charming the man they want. Believe it or not, the ability to seduce a love interest comes naturally to women.

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Nothing can stop these shy, beguiling beings from wowing the man they like and making them go crazy when they show their best moves in the game of seduction. Have you wondered how Marilyn Monroe captivated the attention of the millions with her subtle and sensual persona? Agreed she was beautiful and way ahead of her times, but her seductive tactics made her an object of desire and fascination the world over.

Now, you must be thinking Marilyn Monroe was an exception to the norm. Here, you are wrong.

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Every woman is inherently blessed with a sensuous demeanour and persona. All you need is to channelise that inner diva hidden within you and ace the different forms of seduction tactics. To understand how, let us first understand the concept of seduction to be able to use it to our advantage. Seduction is the power to make someone fall for you.

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This concept is mysterious, challenging, interesting and exclusive. Since women already notorious for their mysterious ways, they can use this inherent trait to seduce a man with ease and panache. She can intertwine different aspects of her personality like charming looks, intelligence, sense of humour, beguiling persona into an irresistible combination to woo a man she wants. Let us explore different ways with which a woman can transform herself into a sultry seductress and ace the art of seducing a man like never before.

20 hottest examples of texts to seduce a man and turn him on

Be warned though, acing the art of seduction does take some effort and practice because it is a multi-faceted game. Seduction is an art that begins with you. So, when we say you are ready for it, we mean it literally.

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A well-dressed woman is equipped with the armour of self-confidence and charm naturally. If you wonder how being charming, subtle and classy can help you being seductive, then we have an answer.

How to seduce a man with words

Male sexuality is attuned and influenced by visual cues. A study shows the emotion control center of the brain, the amygdala, shows ificantly higher levels of activation in males viewing sexual visual stimuli than females viewing the same images.

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Simply put, the way you dress and present yourselves leaves a great impact on how men see you. For them, an excess of everything is bad, be it makeup or skin show. Both of them come across as a made-up effort or fake, which is a big turnoff while seducing men with looks. You need to look irresistibly sensuous to make that gripping first impression. For that, we have just two handy tips for you:.

How to seduce a man with words

Wit, intelligence and humour are powerful tools to hold a man in your thrall and pique their interest. Rely on the power of deep and interesting conversations to charm him with your cerebral prowess. A woman who knows her way with words use this charm to their advantage and engage the man they like, know more about him and build a lasting relationship. Besides building an emotional connection, the power of words can go a long way in making a man aware of your interest in him.

Be yourself

This is where seducing a man with words comes into the picture. Body language is often the most underrated tool of seduction.

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Pick up some insights on seducing a married manas a lack of awareness can lead to miss out on a lot of opportunities. Seducing a man with you body language can be an easy task.

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Touch him flirtatiously. Make your first moves through these body language cues and catch his eye for desirable chemistry. There are plenty of subtle tricks that you use to seduce a man on the phone and capture his attention subtly.

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But first, you must define your goal of seducing a man — an instant hook-up or a long-term relationship? And work your way toward the goal. Here are some ways you can use phones and technology to seduce a potential love interest:. Men too need their own time and space away from you. If you keep calling him often, he may start taking you for granted.

Let’s go ladies!

Over many centuries, the beauty, depth, and emotions expressed through eyes have inspired poets, songwriters, novelists and lovers alike. Here how to do it without any awkwardness or hesitation:.

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With all these tried and tested tips in place, we are sure you will master the art of seduction in no time. Men share how they feel when they are the only ones initiating sex every time. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Spice It Up. Kanika Sharma September 17, Kanika Sharma. Bonobology Counsellors Long gone are the days when it was solely up to the men to use their charm to woo a girl of their choice.


Table of Contents. Seducing a man needs skill. Seduce a man through your eyes.

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