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The cloth held 2, names, written in stark white on the blood-red fabric, the product of years of research into what happened to Indigenous children who were stolen from their parents, placed in these schools, and never seen again. Indigenous elders and survivors of the residential schools carried the cloth in the Gatineau, Que. A total ofare believed to have been part of the residential school system at one point. Another 1, children are thought to have died, but remain unnamed. Below is the list of names so far.

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The assessment of sustainability of populations should consider effective population size Reiman and Allendorfnot just total s. A population of at least mature individuals is considered necessary to maintain adaptive genetic variation, assuming a population with equal sex ratios and equal contribution of all adults to the next generation.

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This has important implications for lake sturgeon as in many populations, sex ratios may be unequal, not all individuals breed every year, and there may be variance in the age of maturity Earle Therefore effective population sizes for the DUs may be substantially smaller than total population estimates or censuses.

As fisheries population estimates have substantial uncertainty and risk of extinction is serious and potentially irreversible, the preconditions for the application of precaution are met. This practice corresponds to recommended practices in fisheries population dynamics as well Richards and Maguire There are several reports on the decline of lake sturgeon populations in Canada Harkness and Dymond ; Houston ; Dick and Choudhury It is uncertain when commercial exploitation of the species commenced, but there are records of Isinglass sales to the Hudson Bay Company at Norway House, Manitoba from to MacDonell Commercial harvest for caviar production was initiated in Sandusky, Ohio in Harkness and Dymondand Canadian waters of the Great Lakes were opened to commercial sturgeon fishing in Prince As European settlement expanded and infrastructure was developed, prices rose and the sturgeon-rich waters of northwestern Ontario and Manitoba were opened to commercial operators.

The collapse of these fisheries followed the pattern of their southern counterparts.

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As populations in northwestern Ontario and Manitoba began to collapse, commercial harvesting relocated to populations of ly unexploited rivers and lakes Brousseau ; Houston ; Sopuck ; Patalas Wherever lake sturgeon have been fished, the result has been the same: a relatively high initial yield followed by a sudden decline to very low levels, which persist thereafter Harkness and Dymond This pattern is consistent with life history traits of slow growth and late maturation, and high commercial value products.

Commercial catch records demonstrate that lake sturgeon populations over most of their historical range were severely depleted or extirpated by the early 20 th century Tables 5 and 6and most have not recovered, exceptin the central and eastern parts of the range where some commercial and recreational fisheries in Ontario and Quebec remain Tables Totals for the to period are estimates based on a formula using export values.

Totals for the subsequent years are based on landings declarations 2. They are common in 10, rare in 28 and absent from 9 Brousseau Kerr lists the Ontario waters currently known to contain lake sturgeon; however, the relative abundance of sturgeon is not provided. Landings of kg of lake sturgeon were reported from the commercial fishery during Table 4 compared to the hundreds of thousands of kg harvested annually in the late s and early s Brousseau ; Houston However, most of the fish harvested recently were not from populations that supported the historic commercial fisheries.

Most of those populations have failed to recover from the exploitation of the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. At the same time, recreational angling has increased.

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Sincerecreational yieldsfrom this fishery have surpassed the commercial harvest Brousseau and still are increasing where populations are abundant enough to support angling. Data only include years when both countries were involved in the commercial fishery.

State of Michigan waters closed to commercial sturgeon fishing from Catches reported from Quebecover an extended time differ from the history of other commercially fished lake sturgeon populations in Canada. With the exception of the Second World War period, declared landings since were generally over 50 tons and yields over 0. During this period, fisheries in parts of Quebec did not follow the scenario observed in other areas where initial, relatively high yields were followed by quick, rapid and prolonged declines.

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However, the catch records prior to for the Quebec part of the St. Lawrence River are considered inaccurate and must be seen as minimal Dumont et al. Therefore, the true pattern of catches prior to the mids is uncertain; however, Fortin et al.

Many lake sturgeon populations in DUs 6 and 8 are also shared with the United States. Therefore, these populations could be affected by management activities and harvesting activities that occur outside of Canadian waters.

Trends in Canadian waters could be influenced by the population dynamics and movement of lake sturgeon in adjacent U. The few sturgeon reported are very large and probably very old two in the last 5 years from the Upper Churchill River at Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan ; the population is believed to be a remnant, but no other recent information on this population is available Wallace, pers. Lawrence River Landings data adapted from Robitaille et al.

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This may however be an overestimate of the of adult fish, as the assumptions applied in their MacLean and Nelson Petersen single census estimate equation included that the captured fish were all adults, and that the population is stable and unexploited. The population is subject to subsistence harvest by Cree Nation peoples of the area Tataskweyak, War Lake, Fox Lake, and York Factory Cree Nationswho are interested in a sustainable domestic fishery.

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The extent of subsistence usage is not known, nor is the degree of consistency of the subsistence fishery over the past decades. Of the fish captured, ranging in size from 0. However, other reports see Biology section indicate many fish of this size would still be immature.

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Moreover, the low mean weight and age suggest that this is a population with no large, older mature fish, an indication of stress, and perhaps overexploitation. Life history traits of harvested lake sturgeon in the s are consistent with a population that has been subject to severe overexploitation and has not recovered. The only available population estimate, for part of one watershed in the DU, estimates between and adults, but may be biased upward. There are early records of sturgeon, undoubtedly A. For example, Moodiep.

Sturgeon no longer ascend this tributary as water levels now are too low to support a population J. Assuming an equal sex ratio, and females spawning every 4 to 7 years, there would be 36 to 63 female sturgeon spawning per year in the Alberta portion of the South Saskatchewan River Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Again, assuming an equal sex ratio, and females spawning every 4 to 7 years, there are probably less than mature females and only about 14 - 25 spawning females spawning annually in the North Saskatchewan River.

Although historic population levels are unknown and both populations have experienced ificant declines in s, there are s of positive recruitment Nelson and Paetz However, the of spawning fish remaining in each sub-population may be below the critical required for genetic or demographic viability Alberta Sustainable Resource Development The North Saskatchewan River has about 2.

In the summer ofboat electrofishing 4.

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Little is known about populations in the Saskatchewan River upstream of the E. Campbell Dam to the Alberta border. Historically, there were a total of sites where lake sturgeon were known to occur in the Saskatchewan River watershed: 30 in the South Saskatchewan, 48 in the North Saskatchewan and 33 in the Saskatchewan Smith Recent surveys indicate that lake sturgeon occurrences are now regularly reported from only 7 sites on the South Saskatchewan, 16 on the North Saskatchewan, and 12 on the Saskatchewan River, a loss of 76 sites Smith Durbin, Saskatchewan Environment, Regina, SK ; personal communicationand anglers reported catches at several sites along both rivers, although the recreational fishery has been closed since Smith Boat electrofishing in large, deep, turbid rivers may not be effective in producing catches of lake sturgeon Golder However, the method has been used successfully for lake sturgeon in shallow, less turbid waters such as those in the study area, and according to Kempinger is the most effective way to sample YOY.

In the typical weight of fish taken in Saskatchewan was in the order of 5 to 30 kg Houston Angling records from the s indicate that the typical weight of fish caught now ranges from 0.

Lake sturgeon (acipenser fulvescens) cosewic assessment and status report: chapter 9

Similarly, test netting indicates that average size of sturgeon is much less than that earlier in the 20 th century Smith Skaptason reported a quota corresponding to nearly 30, kg for lake sturgeon from the Saskatchewan River from CumberlandLake downstream to Lake Winnipeg at Grand Rapidsalthough total population size was not estimated.

Inprior to construction of the E. Campbell Dam, it was estimated that there were about 10, to16, lake sturgeon, 8. Findlay et al. Analysis of age-sex distributions for the Cumberland House harvest indicated a shift in the size-age composition of the catch between andduring construction of the E. Campbell Dam, toward smaller, younger fish and that the trend was evident into the s Wallace Using a gonad index, Dick unpubl. The estimated harvest was sturgeon annually for and with a CPUE of 0. This harvest produces an estimate of an exploitation rate of In summary, all estimates of population status in this DU suggest major reductions from the s to the s and s, but these declines are difficult to quantify.

Current density estimates from a variety of sources are consistently very low, and estimates of the s of breeding females in various river branches do not exceed a few dozen spawners annually.

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The information on age and size composition of components of this DU are also consistently indicative of a population that has been affected by heavy exploitation and habitat disruptions for a long period, although recruitment to the populations is still occurring.

Commercial fisheries established in initiated a pattern of exploitation followed by collapse and closure of the fishery. The fishery was opened and closed for periods of 4 - 9 years on at least 3 occasions between and In it was finally decided that commercial fishing on the Nelson was not sustainable and the remaining commercial fisheries were subsequently curtailed. Local domestic fisheries persist, however MacDonnell Information on populations and harvests from the upper Nelson River are presented in Macdonald A population estimate for lake sturgeon in the region of SipiweskLake in the Nelson River drainage in was adults with a high proportion of males Macdonald, pers.