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But kissing does more than beat stress. And all those kisses will also leave you feeling closer and more affectionate with your partner. The release of oxytocin also reduces anxiety. Less anxiety, more feelings of wellness and relaxation? Yes, please! Oxytocin plays a role here, too.

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It impacts pro-social behaviors by encouraging bonding and trust. The more oxytocin, the more trusting, relaxed, and connected you feel. These feelings can, in turn, lead to a relationship that lasts longer and is more satisfying. Those who give good kisses are far more likely to be deemed worthy, while bad kissing is usually seen as a deal-breaker.

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Good kisses can lead to arousal, which can lead to sex. The good bonding feelings that occur during a passionate smooch-fest can also dial up the quality and passion of a sexual encounter. And the more kissing you do, the greater the sexual arousal, so kissing while having sex is going to ramp up the sexual arousal as well.

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Good kissing can lead to arousal, which can lead to sex. An increase in sexual arousal can also increase self-esteem because kissing reduces cortisol, which in turn boosts confidence. And kissing has other physical benefits as well. Kissing lowers blood pressure, alleviates headache painand even reduces hives and other s of an allergic reaction. Still, personal preference and level of comfort all factor in when deciding whether to kiss during sex or not.

To kiss or not to kiss during sex?

Sex and kissing are a pretty natural pair for most people. There are times during a sexual encounter, though, where kissing may not make sense. While it can be a welcome part of foreplay, kissing may not be easy or even possible in certain positions or in the heat of the moment. The decision to kiss during sex also depends on your personal preferences. Either way is OK. There are no rules when it comes to kissing during sex.

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If you want to increase your smooch factor between the sheets, consider these good kiss qualities:. Research has found that men in general often care less about kissing than women do. Kissing during sex may also be awkward.

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Your partner may feel that some less-than-sexy behaviors like grunting or sweating will be a turn-off to you and so may forgo trying to kiss completely. There can be many reasons why your partner may not kiss you during sex.

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Let your partner know how you feel. You can also try switching things up.

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Long-term relationships can often result in less spontaneous, more perfunctory sex, which can result in fewer orgasms for you. To that end, if possible, plan a special evening: Go out to a nice restaurant or a special music event. Get out of your regular habits and roles. That, combined with talking about your feelings, may be just the change you need to watch your partner come around.

While the reasons for not kissing during sex can be unintentional or minor, if you feel unhappy at an overall lack of intimacy, this may be a of more complicated relationship issues.

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Be open to discussing the problem together, with a therapist if needed. Problems in the bedroom are very common in relationships but can be helped through open dialogue and, sometimes, mediation in the form of couples therapy. Kissing anytime, not just during sex, offers so many emotional and physical benefits that it makes sense to include more of it in your life. Although there are many perks, a stronger bond with your partner, both in and out of the bedroom, is one of the best reasons to keep the kisses coming. Take a quiz. Find out what you can do with our Health Assistant.

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Relieve stress and anxiety The release of oxytocin also reduces anxiety. Create an emotional bond with your partner Oxytocin plays a role here, too. To kiss or not to kiss during sex? So having good hygiene, including clean teeth and fresh breath, is important when it comes to kissing. Having good physical contact is also considered necessary to have a kiss be considered great.

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The assertive kisser wins: A kisser who commits to the kiss, instead of engaging only half-heartedly, is seen as a better kisser, regardless of gender. Lose the tongue initially : Going in for the first smooch? One study found that a soft, closed-mouth kiss is always preferable to an open-mouth tongue probe for that first kiss. Researchers found that, for women especially, more time was needed in order to share a more adventurous, passionate, and saliva-sharing kind of kiss.

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The takeaway Kissing anytime, not just during sex, offers so many emotional and physical benefits that it makes sense to include more of it in your life. Updated on November 10, Read this next. Your cycle Your Body, Your Story.