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Penny is a gentle sweet Miniature Highland Cow, 42 inches tall and dehorned. Penny is an in your pocket type of cow, loves to be groomed and always thinks she should be the first to get her grain. Her calf is due late April Bangs is a Miniature Highland Cow, 42 inches, non chondro who is strikingly beautiful.

She is a true Miniature Highland which is so hard to find without being a chondro carrier. She has the gentlest, sweetest disposition and just loves people.

Our farm in the news:

Bangs is bred to Black Bullet for a Miniature Highland calf. Bangs is due in June Annie is the daughter to Bangs, born March 26th and we have decided to retain Annie as a future breeder for our herd. Annie was 39lbs at birth and just shy of 18 inches. She came out cute as a button with the personality to match.

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Annie will be breed to Captain Silver in for a calf. Both her parents are 38 inches and this little heifer is as sweet as they come. I never get tired looking at this gorgeous girl. Millie was added to the herd for her dun color specifically and small statue. Cocoa is a quite, gentle and easy cow to be around, enjoying her scratches and grain. Aggie is a Miniature Highland Heifer, non chondro and naturally horned.

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June Bug is a sweet, gentle cow with an underbite for added character. I sure enjoy spending time with June Bug. She is always up for lovings and a brush. She is absolutely stunning, short legged, deep bodied and well balanced.

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Snicker is 45 inches, a beautiful silver color, deep bodied and has awesome hair! She is a quiet, keeps to herself type of cow but always willing to come to life for some grain. Elsie is a gorgeous mid sized Dun Highland Cow. She has a ton of body depth, hair to die for and the sweetest disposition to go along with her stunning looks. Elsie was added to the breeding program specially to make some silver highland babies with Captain Silver. Elsie will be bred to Captain Silver for a Fall calf. She was added to our breeding program specifically to be bred to our Miniature Highland Bull Silver for some miniature silver highland babies.

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Wynter has the kindness, sweetest disposition also and just loves to be groomed. She is an absolutely beautiful highland cow, very deep bodied and well balanced, short backed and faced, a true example of what the traditional highlands use to look like. Keevy is a Dun Miniature Highland Cow, 42 inches and built to perfection. She is nice and short legged cow, deep bodied and has amazing hair. Ember is a Mid Sized Highland Cow 45 inches and as sweet as they come.

Ember is a total sweetheart who loves being groomed and her grain! She is a keeper here on the ranch.

Welcome to the pandarosa miniature ranch

Ember is bred to Black Bullet, due in May Baby is a Rare Silver Highland Cow. Baby was added to our breeding program to start creating some silver babies. Baby is 43 inches currently and will most likely mature around the 45 inch mark as an adult. She has an amazing hair coat, deep thick body, non chondro and as tame as they come.

Baby is more like a dog than a cow! Buttercup is a big deep bodied girl having the traditional old highland look. Fabulous bangs and hair and just a sweet girl to have around. She is absolutely adorable in every way possible! Mosley has amazing hair, a sassy sweet personality and is very small in frame. Belle is a December Silver Highland heifer, smaller framed at 42 inches currently. Belle is a gentle sweet heifer, has fantastic hair and spends most of her time with her half sister Buttercup on the ranch.

Daisy is a stunning small framed Silver Highland heifer we purchased for our Silver Program along with 4 of her half sisters.

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Daisy is sweet as a button and stunning to look at too! Daisy is currently in with our heifers growing up. Daisy will be bred in to Captain Silver for a Miniature Highland calf. Lilly is a small framed Silver Highland heifer purchased for our Silver Program. Lola is beautiful and always makes me smile just looking at this girl.

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She has awesome hair and body depth. Looking forward to watching her grow up in our heifer herd to be bred to Captain Siover in Poppy is a small framed Silver Highland heifer, purchased to add to our Silver Program also. She is a half sister to Lola and Daisy. Poppy rules the roost for the most part and is growing up in our heifer herd waiting to be bred to Captain Silver in Sassafras is a beautiful Miniature Highland heifer at 42 inches as a coming three year old Sassafrass is exactly as her names suggest!

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Full of sass will literally follow you from one end of the ranch to the other for no good reason. Lola is a favorite for sure. Looking forward to watching her grow up with our other replacement heifers.

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Dolly has incredible body depth, nice short stocky frame, phenomenal hair and personality to go with it. Gunnar is a Mid Sized Highland Cow at 44 inches, naturally horned. Gunnar has nice body depth and phenomenal hair. Gunnar is bred to Captain Silver for a late Fall calf. Until than though we will continue to admire her incredible body depth for a coming yearling, sensational hair and watch her little personality develop.

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Shimmer brings it all to the table : great hair, body depth, blocky head and straight backed. Shimmer will be bred to captain Silver for a calf. Powered by GoDaddy. Mini Bulls.