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Below are links to useful online resources, institutions, and information related to the subjects of film and television. NARA also has gift materials from private sources, such as Universal Newsreel releases and outtakes The Archives officially began its mission in when, as the National Anthropological Film Center, it initiated a program that both created and collected films of anthropological research interest.

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Actors have long tried to give audiences a taste of the realities of war and military service since the earliest days of the motion picture industry.

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But if called upon to portray a member of the Armed Forces on screen, many actors could draw from their own life experience. Some of history's biggest stars served their countries in times of war and peace. Some experienced combat, while others were stationed in friendly countries or at home. From comedians and action stars to dramatic actors and television icons, Stacker compiled a look at the stars who moved on from careers as servicemen to lives of fame.

All branches of the military, including the Coast Guard, are represented on the list, along with some actors from foreign countries.

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Most of the actors who served will be remembered not for their service in a foreign theater overseas, but for their films that filled seats in movie theaters back home. Some celebrities, such as Elvis Presley and Clint Eastwood, are well-known as having served in the military; others, like Adam Driver and Ice-T, are not as widely known for their service. Rather than shining a light on the hundreds of films depicting the military or war, today we're recognizing movie stars who served their country in real life.

Keep reading to learn about actors who served in the military. You may also like: best G-rated movies to watch as a family. Eastwood lucked out and was ased to a job as a swimming instructor at a base in California during the deadly conflict. Martial arts legend and star of the big and small screens Chuck Norris is known for TV series like "Walker, Texas Ranger" and movies like the "Missing in Action" franchise.

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He was introduced to martial arts while serving in Korea with the Air Force and went on to become the first Westerner ever to be awarded an eighth-degree black belt in Korean fighting style taekwondo. He was selected among 6, trainees for promotion to squad leader.

After being served draft papers during the Vietnam War, "Magnum P. He later became the face of recruiting posters for the Guard.

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He got off to a rocky start in the Corps, making trouble and spending time in the brig, where he was punished with rations of bread and water. But after heroically rescuing several men during a disastrous training exercise in the Arctic, he was given the honor of guarding President Harry Truman's yacht. You may also like: The best streaming services in Although he ed the Navy's V program in the hopes of becoming a pilot, his color blindness kept him out of the cockpit. Few entertainers achieved greater success across more types of entertainment media than Bob Hopethe man NPR called "the most popular entertainer of the 20th century.

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Hope never actually served himself, but his long list of contributions and seemingly endless USO tours led Congress to enact H. The late Jack Palance frequently played tough guys on the big screen in movies like "City Slickers," and he lived up to the Hollywood image in real life. A Palance was a boxer who later served in the Air Force as a bomber pilot and went on to Stanford on the G. The world knows Charles Bronson as an unshakeable vigilante from the "Death Wish" series.

But before the legendary macho man went on the attack on the big screen, he was on the attack in the skies over Europe. The first-generation American enlisted in the Army Air Force in and served as an aircraft gunner and Superfortress crewman.

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He flew dozens of missions and earned a Purple Heart after being wounded in action. Kris Kristofferson is an Oscar nominee, former Golden Gloves boxer, and military man from a military family. Also an accomplished academic and musician, Kristofferson ed the Army inbecame a helicopter pilot, and achieved the rank of captain.

You may also like: Best artists in country. From "Airplane" to "The Untouchables," Robert Stack played memorable roles on both the big and small screens. He's also a World War II veteran who rose to the rank of lieutenant during his service in the Navy between and One of the most important pioneering actors in early Hollywood, Buster Keaton's career spanned nearly half a century with credits dating from to The Oscar winner is a brilliant actor and narrator who counts acclaimed films like "The Shawshank Redemption," "Driving Miss Daisy," and "Glory" among his critical and commercial successes.

He ed the Air Force in with dreams of being a pilot, but when he got a taste of it in training, he realized he didn't have the stomach for combat flight and pursued less dangerous work in film. He was medically discharged after being injured in an unrelated accident.

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From "Taxi Driver" and "Pulp Fiction" to "Reservoir Dogs" and "Thelma and Louise," Harvey Keitel has been playing tough, intense characters on screen for decades, dating all the way back to "Hogan's Heroes" in the s. After being kicked out of high school at age 15, Brooklyn-born Keitel ed the Marines and served in Lebanon as part of an anti-communism force cobbled together by President Dwight Eisenhower. You may also like: best movies of all time.

Drew Carey had a long career as a comedian before becoming an actor in the early s. He reportedly called on the discipline he learned in the military to develop the work ethic required to succeed in show business. The Cleveland native served in the Marine Corps Reserve from — The phrase "Good morning, Vietnam!

Richard Pryor is regarded as one of the most important and controversial stand-up comedians in history, and his talents translated to a career in Hollywood that included films like "Superman III" and "Brewster's Millions.

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Inprior to becoming a legendary stand-up comedian, year-old George Carlin ed the Air Force for the start of what would be a rocky military career. The notorious nonconformist was court-martialed three times before receiving a general discharge in Born on Christmas Day inHumphrey Bogart grew up to be one of the most revered actors in history.

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He served in World War I after ing the Navyearning an honorable discharge—and a scar he carried for the rest of his life. You may also like: The best streaming services for sports in Gene Wilder had a long and accomplished career in show business, but he's best known for his role in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He served as a medic at a U. Army hospital in the United States. Mel Brooks is known worldwide for groundbreaking, irreverent, racially charged, and enduring comedies like "Spaceballs" and "Blazing Saddles," but his comedy career was preceded by combat service.

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Brooks grew up poor in New York City's Brooklyn borough and enlisted in the Army right out of high school. His high intelligence got him ased to a specialized unit ; he was sent to the front in Europe and fought in heavy combat, including the Battle of the Bulge.

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He took his experiences back to civilian life, starring in many films about war and the military throughout his career. Hollywood icon Jack Lemmon has Hollywood credits dating from the s to You may also like: The best streaming services for football in He served in Hawaii as part of the 25th Infantry Division.

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As a young man, Jones entered the Army during the Korean War, but he remained in America supporting cold-weather training in Colorado. He attended Ranger School and was discharged as a first lieutenant. Born inKirk Douglas was the patriarch of one of Hollywood's most iconic show business families. He was also a World War II veteran who served from to in the vaunted Submarine Chasers unit, leaving the service with a rank of lieutenant junior grade.

Since Leonard Nimoy's service records were destroyed in a fire, no one knows for sure exactly when he entered the service. What is known is that the "Star Trek" actor enlisted in the Army Reserves in the early s, was in charge of a platoon, and was discharged in with the rank of sergeant.

You may also like: Best and worst Jennifer Lopez movies. Although he has credits dating from the early s toDon Knotts is best known for his memorable roles in "Three's Company" and "The Andy Griffith Show. Don Rickles died at the age of 90 inand the famously caustic comedian and actor continued to work almost right up until the end.

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With titles like "Kelly's Heroes" and "Casino" on hisRickles started his career as a no-holds-barred comedian who hobnobbed with the likes of Frank Sinatra in the s. Although he has more than acting credits to his name, Art Carney is most famous for his role supporting Jackie Gleason in the pioneering television program "The Honeymooners.

He served in Normandy, was badly injured by a mortar round, and walked with a limp for the rest of his life. Starting inhe served as part of an anti-aircraft unit for three years until the war's end. You may also like: Primetime TV shows that have stood the test of time.

Oscar winner Jeff Bridges comes from a Coast Guard family—his father and his brother Beau, a fellow actor, also served.

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Bridges ed the Coast Guard Reserves and served at sea under what were often grueling conditions. With memorable roles in "Predator" and "The Running Man," Jesse Ventura rose to the top of the entertainment food chain—but he did the same as a pro wrestler fans knew him as "The Body"a politician governor of Minnesotaand as a military man. But the Academy Award-winning actor also comes from a long military family lineage that can be traced to Robert E.

Duvall served in the Army during the Korean War. He didn't see action, but he began acting during that time, and the media frequently conflated his on-stage performances with actual wartime combat.