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In recent years, the of supporters of topless or nudism has increased in Portugal. For a long time, the topless, nudism and naturism are no longer considered as marginal practices, and places favorable to total exposure to the sun have blossomed. However, we must be careful to respect the practices of nudism in Portugal, and especially not to go wrong place!

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There are four official nude beaches in the Lisbon region, and four others where nude sunbathing is tolerated or rather common.

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We know: ocean adventures and sustainability are the keys to a great life. Hi Irene, thanks for asking! My interest in surfing started when I was 15 years old when I saw a documentary about Hawaii back home in Norway. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the islands.

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From that day I made a promise to myself that I would visit the islands one day to try surfing and other water sports. Induring my exchange semester at Berkeley, instead of heading to LA and Las Vegas with most of my colleagues, I booked myself a ticket to Honolulu for a week and went with three good friends who were also in for an adventure. The first thing I did, after checking in at our hotel, was to find a local surfing school at Waikiki beach and I booked two classes every day for a week.

The first days were indeed very memorable as I did not have any clue that surfing was that physically demanding and I looked like a living polka dot covered with bruises after smashing myself on the coral reefs. At that point, I was completely hooked on it and a new passion for surfing was born.

Unofficial nude beaches around lisbon

Working in a successful 9-to-5 job in London, yet daydreaming about surfing and crystal clear waters, I was craving to disconnect from my daily routine, letting my mind drift away to the most beautiful places in the world and connecting with my free, active and rebellious soul. During my amazing and eye-opening journey visiting Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, meeting new and fascinating people, indulging the delicious local food and relaxing on stunning beaches, I was horrified at how the unique magic of some of the most beautiful places in the world was being harmed by pollution, especially plastic pollution.

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After surfing waves covered in plastic in Bali and encountering river banks where I could barely see through the layers of garbage, I decided that my next endeavour had to contribute to addressing these challenges. Consumers today demand more than ever attractive, durable and comfortable products from active brands; and looking from the outside, the task of creating such products may seem like a straightforward activity. However, creating a good quality product with all these attributes is highly challenging when your decision-making process is constrained by sustainable and ethical requirements.

Our creation process starts with careful research and selection of recycled and eco-friendly materials partly derived from ghost fishing nets and plastic bottles. This step in itself entails a huge restriction for sustainable brands since there are only limited options currently available on the market preferably with OEKO-TEX certification — an environmental standard for textiles and the information regarding these is generally not easily accessible.

Moreover, each year new types of innovative and attractive materials e. This way, sustainable clothing brands always have to find the right balance between the degree of sustainability they want to incorporate in their products and their overall quality, de and durability.

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The exciting part is that we are seeing a big shift in the textile industry towards sustainability and there are a lot of new materials that are being developed hence we are looking forward to seeing what the future will bring!

Once the product development processes are concluded, our next quest is to find the right manufacturer to produce our collection ethically and sustainably. We always request that the manufacturer produces in a way that maximizes the use of materials when organizing, cutting and sewing to reduce cost and waste.

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One example of this circular economy application is the production hair scrunchies with leftovers of fabric and elastics that would otherwise be too small for producing swimwear. We are constantly learning and I believe that we are still discovering the best way to promote our brand. However, my favourite activities are:. Have a website and be active while engaging on social media — content that adds value to the customers is key!

Before you travel:

Remember to do proper homework about each brand before you are partnering up with them to see if your values match. Collaborate with like-minded influencers and make them your brand ambassadors! Bear in mind that an influencer or IG with hundreds of thousands of followers are not necessarily great if their engagement rate is low. I believe it is much better to collaborate with a micro-influencer there are many amazing ones out there with a smaller and authentic audience but with engaged followers. Participate in events and tradeshows that are in line with your values and can push your business forward.

Great question! Brand DNA : Take some time to work out what you want to achieve with your brand, how you want to do it and why you are establishing your brand. This homework is crucial as by answering these questions you will form your brand DNA, identify your points of difference and it will drive all the aspects of your business.

Finance : Know your s! Questions for you to ponder:. Sales and Marketing strategy: Have a detailed strategy to sell and promote your product and execute it!

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Even though it can take a longer time to bring your product to the market this step is crucial for your success and survival of your company. Mentors: Find entrepreneurs that have already done what you want to achieve and learn from them.

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Be honest and direct with your questions. The good ones will give you valuable insight that is worth gold. Any doubts, feel free to contact me. The idea of Micro Catch originated exactly from working in Sober and Naked as we realized that even utilizing recycled materials, washing our clothes also contributed to the ocean microplastics pollution. Hence, my co-founder and I, decided to develop a solution - a washing machines filter to tackle this challenge as well.

Human rights enthusiastic, wipe-out lover, and chocolate addict, Irene is collaborating with Surfpreneurs Club as Content Creator to inspire you with the most exciting ventures in the surf community. One of them being; I own Surfer Girl Hawaii a company that offers Handmade fashion deed by me, Waterproof Cosmetics, and organic skincare for surfers and women that lead an active lifestyle.

Hey, I am Dave from the UK. I have a background in interior and brand de and have been living in Ericeira for the last two years. A lot of my recent experience in the UK was working with co-work spaces, for clients, and for myself.

Surfer turned entrepreneur Lac Campbell has made his mark on surf tourism businesses and surf brands across the globe. Claire Rivero, ex analog nomad. As an ex-HR director and recruiter who had worked to encourage the growth of the remote working community, I decided to make this a meeting and networking and coworking space too. A Week Awake is an experience for all women to connect, recharge, and empower themselves in a magical paradise, in Santa Teresa - Costa Rica, where the jungle meets the sea. They believe that by spending a week with them, the guests will go back home with new tools to keep this energy throughout their daily life.

Topless, naturism and nudism in portugal: authorized and regulated activities

the community of entrepreneurs with surf related brands. Covid Get a press coverage Hiring surf instructors Surf booking channels. Hello Jana!

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Can you tell us more about you and your passion for surfing? What are the main production challenges, and how do you respond to them? Which is the best way you found to promote your label?

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However, my favourite activities are: Have a website and be active while engaging on social media — content that adds value to the customers is key! What is the top advice you can give to someone who desires to start a surf clothing brand?

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Questions for you to ponder: How much do you need to start? How fast can you bring your product to the market? What are your margins? What is your burn rate? You also developed Micro Catch, a new solution for filtering microplastic during the washing cycle.

Are the two projects connected? Indeed, they are!

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Interviewed by Irene Vannucci Human rights enthusiastic, wipe-out lover, and chocolate addict, Irene is collaborating with Surfpreneurs Club as Content Creator to inspire you with the most exciting ventures in the surf community. Interviews with surf entrepreneurs. Aug 16, Jul 26, Interview with Dave from Kelp Coworking in Ericeira. May 25, May 24, Apr 26, Peter Fabor. SurfaWhile: the booking agency to look at for your next surf trip. How can your surf hospitality business survive the pandemic? Now.