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I would like Telling him you love him for the first time male that loves fitness

Knowing how and when to tell someone you love them for the first time can be a special kind of confusing.

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When you start to feel a little crazy for someone new, your infatuation might start feeling a little like love. Trying to rush ahead to the romantic proclamation is just pure BS. The first big argument Arguments as healthy from time to time.

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After all, should a certain amount of time go by before you say it?

20 guys reveal the moment they felt ready to say 'i love you'

Should it be when you're alone together? When you're having a romantic night?

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When you're having fun together so you can keep it casual? It will be the right time because you are both feeling something special for the other, and your connection is undeniable. So when the night that happened to be our five-month anniversary rolled around, we were all going out for dinner — I dressed in his favorite outfit and made sure to put some extra effort into my hair and makeup.

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Problem was, after dinner, he refused to go for a walk on the beach because he was tired and it would make the walk back to the house longer. Turns out, he had been waiting for me to say it first, and I had been waiting for him, but I guess I cracked first. I was so nervous.

When is the right time to say i love you?

It turned out, he did hear me, but pretended he was sleeping. He told me he loved me a few weeks after and admitted he was nervous to say it back to me that night. Saying it to a woman was the real deal for me and happened last year. I had planned to tell her during this romantic dinner I was making her, but then it slipped out a few days before that.

2. choose the perfect setting.

We were just taking a walk through a big local park. We stopped to sit under a tree, but before that, we leaned against it, though I was leaning more against her than the tree.

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As I held her, I just whispered it, and she said it back thankfully! But shortly after meeting him, I realized how flimsy our predictions for our lives can be and how this man with a thick Boston accent was the only person I ever wanted to be with.

Should you say it first?

I remember, a few months after our first date, I looked over at him as he joked and laughed with our group of friends. Fortunately, he said it back although, I was probably much louder. I was 24 then and it felt freeing and so real — I felt really present. We were a pretty standard couple except for the fact that he lived in England and I lived in Alabama.

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We put so much effort into planning our New Year trip. I knew I wanted to tell him I loved him at midnight as we watched the gumbo pot drop over fireworks on the river.

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I had how I was going to say it all planned out in my head. A few days before we were to travel down to New Orleans, we were just hanging out on my bed and I distinctly remember almost saying it right then and there. I remember telling myself. I was 24 and we had been together for a few months.

I was used to seeing him at least once every few days, but then he had to travel for work and was away for a solid week-and-a-half.

40 cute ways to tell him you love him

His roommates were having a house party the night he returned, and I showed up in the midst of it. I told him that I had to tell him something and he said he had something to tell me, too. I guess being away from each other made us both realize the same thing. I was 46 then. Many women are nervous about putting their feelings out there and laying their hearts on the line for fear of being hurt or the feelings not being mutual. With my first love, though, it just came out when we were watching a movie together at her house. We became even more inseparable until we went off to different colleges and I still aspire to find that same kind of love again.

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But I could tell my boyfriend who was not yet my boyfriend a few weeks ago when I said it! He said it back about a million times after I did it. And then the drop. The heart lunges to the throat. Eyes widen. I awaited the response like going through the first loop.

I felt upside down.

1. make sure you really mean it.

But then, as gentle as the roller coaster pulling into the loading dock, he said it back. And it was a magical ride. So if you have yet to say it, what are you waiting for?

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