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Unfortunately, we don't have any information about upcoming performances of this show. Maybe we can interest you with something similar from the options below A treat for audiences of all ages - wild animals, aerial stunts, clumsy clowns and much more delight those young and old at the Tripoli Shrine Circus.

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We had a great time. Hours of nonstop fun. The acts were amazing and the kids loved every minute if it!

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Before the show and during intermission, they allow you to go onto the floor and rides animals and other things. Honestly, the animal rides are ridiculously priced. Way too pricey. It seems like they just get on and are already getting off. This was by far waaaaay better than last year's show. We had great seats and my daughter had a ball!

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She was asked to come down to the floor twice! She is still talking about that experience! I did however hear that the animals won't be a part of the show next year. I'm hoping that's not true. What's a circus without the animals? The new attractions were well received by the entire audience.

The shriners always put on a well organized show.

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It's a great family event to attend. The circus was not a good as years. Too much of the ladies and the ropes. Not enough circus type attractions. Disappointing finale too. The lights were right in our eyes. There were alot of acts that messed up as well. The older I get the younger I feel, I took my daughter who's 16 and heard but Dad I'm too old for this. It was fun for all ages, kids especially love the animals. Go ahead, let your hair down be a kid again, plus and this is a big plus, the profits go for the .

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Last night was the third time I have taken my family of 2 girls and my wife to the circus. The show was great with the new acts making the repetition of the old acts a pleasant addition. Other than a few issues the performers had, hoop falling and breaking with first performance and motorcycle circle not working on last performance the show was great.

I will never be a fan of gouging people of their money to have their kid sit on a pony or elephant for one minute, but its the circus and the shriners have to make their money so grampas have things to do in retirement. The only truly negative thing was that the music played before the show was very distasteful for ren's event.

How about some Highschool Musical or even the Shrek Soundtrack.

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Thanks for the opportunity to send some input. Last time was much better! Not enough with the elephants, and many problems that inturn made the show a lot shorter. There also was hardly any clowns.

Sorry! you missed tripoli shrine circus at us cellular arena

I'll let my 5 year sum it up "those tigers are awesome and "the lady with the glitter is really cool! I took my girlfriend to the circus yesterday. There were some incredible acts, that I will in no time soon, be forgetting. The ladies that twirled around in the white sheets were amazing. The sheepdogs were super entertaining They were so excited to be there There were however, a few kinks that needed working out. I suppose since it was the first night, it was to be expected. They can't do everything perfectly every time, i'm sure I took my 5 year old son and we had a fantastic time.

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It was action packed and full of beautiful colors. There were a few things that didn't go as planned for them, but it was the opening night and it kind of added to the excitement and the reality of it being a live performance.

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I would strongly suggest taking your family. We will definitely go back again in the future. I know the circus is the circus, but the show has not evolved, many props are shaggy, and quite a few performances were called off or just didn't go off smooth. Maybe I'm a little critical as my 5 year old did enjoy the show and that is what matters most, but I have been "tainted" by Cirque du Soleil and that level of show is a touch unfair to compare to.

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At general addmision rates the show is a good night out and more reasonable for the event. Worth the price of admission for adults and kids alike but the show is really for young. Notably lacking in troops of clowns or a tight-rope act. Very good. I enjoyed the show as much as my children did. Many new acts. Looking forward to the next one.

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The circus itself was fine, would have liked to have seen more animals. All the extra picture taking etc, is getting to be a bit much and very expensive. The vendors frequenting the aisles during the show is very distracting. I love the circus and this one is exciting and fun to watch. It is wonderful that the Shriners offer so many discounts for children so that families can attend. The kids are fun to watch as they are thrilled or amazed by the various acts.

My only concern is that the circus company spends so much effort and time marketing very overpriced toys and souvenirs that it is stressful for parents who likely are not able to afford the toy comfortably. It is one of the ways the circus company makes money, but it takes away from the experience.

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The skills where poor at best,all attractions ran short, but for some Chicago street gymnastics that ran long and is not why we went to the circus. This circus looked like it was a third world country recruitment. Save your money take your kids to a movie.

The Shrine Circus is an awesome event to take your whole family to. Amazing stunts and acts. Never get tired of watching. Break was too long. It went past 3 hours! We had an amazing time.

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Great show. Man being shot out of the cannon at the end was so cool. I have seen that a few times, but it was great! It was much better than I had expected!

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I was surprised on how great it was and how entertaining everything was. The fact that you could not use credit for things like memorabilia is severely disappointing. The age that we live in now, vendors should be able to more than accommodate people using cards swipers even come on cell phones now.

This shows a lack of progression. My child left the circus with no memorbila due to prehistoric ways that the circus handles business. There was a group of women in the circus, I do not recall the group name but they were so unsyncrinized that I was embarassed for them.

Not worth the money.

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I am 45 years old and live in Upper Michigan. I have two children of my own 5 and 15 they are both girls. I am pleased to say that the entire family was well entertained. The Tripoli circus has diminished in the last few years Did not keep the attention of the little ones. At half time The poorest show I have ever seen! I would not go back again.

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Waste of time and money! Better than I expected. Very entertaining. Just wish they had better "announcers".