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The Sermon on the Mount, the traditional name for what Jesus spoke in Matthew chaptersbegins with nine blessings known as the Beatitudes. These blessings are full of rich meaning for our Christian life today. Note 1 on pure in Matthew in the Recovery Version is very helpful.

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In ancient societies and religion, the concept of purity was of central importance; in many modern societies it is either irrelevant or, when it is used, attached to extremely conservative agendas. This suggests an interesting story to be told within the history of ideas and, at the same time, raises questions about the place, meaning, and use of purity in religious traditions.

Who can really be pure in heart?

What does purity mean in different scriptural contexts? Is it synonymous with holiness or different?

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How has it been used within various strands of theology? What should we make of it today? Have we moderns, by discarding purity as an organising social form, lost something essential or have we made a ificant moral advance?

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Or both? This volume addresses these questions in essays on biblical genres, books and different theological traditions. Accessibly written and incisive in its scholarship, Purity will be of interest to both specialists and non-specialists alike.

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Try logging in through your institution for access. Log in to your personal or through your institution. What is purity?

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Why was it so prominent in the ancient world—in Greece and Rome, in Judaism and Christianity—and how did it become so marginal in ours? Purity is a central theme in many antique texts and in many parts of Jewish and Christian Scripture relating to the priesthood and liturgy, ethics, and the intellectual and spiritual life.

Yet in modern times, purity seems almost wholly associated with various kinds of conservative agendas. At the very least then, there are interesting stories in the history of ideas First of all, as source-critical studies demonstrate, the biblical texts were consolidated and written down over a span of several centuries. As dating, provenance, and criteria for the identification of material stemming from different editors continue to be debated, it is clear that Hebrew Bible writings do not present us with a homogenous exposition of purity and impurity ideas and indeed any other laws and practices.

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Secondly, it is impossible to determine whether The language and conceptual world of the Pentateuch has grown so remote from modern or, perhaps, postmodern life that words like holiness, purity, sin, and atonement are virtually empty of meaning for contemporary discourse. Yet, since such language is at the heart of biblical imagery, it is important to make the effort to understand it—especially for those who would contend that these terms retain value for life today.

Any discussion of purity and the Hebrew Bible will ultimately have to begin with the book of Leviticus.

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Leviticus undoubtedly remains one of the least read or understood books of the Any handling of purity in the Prophets is faced with a difficult task. What follows is an examination of purity in select texts of the Hebrew Bible wisdom material and Psalms. Readers will immediately notice that Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs are not part of this investigation.

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Because 1 I find that any discussion of purity in Ecclesiastes is, at best, forced, and 2 major commentaries and studies on Song of Songs provide detailed treatments of purity, I have decided to focus my attention and efforts on Proverbs and Job in the wisdom section. As for Psalms, there is really only enough space here to get that conversation started.

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I have selected two The issue of purity in the Synoptic Gospels has been widely discussed in modern scholarship. It has become one of the key issues in the debate over the historical Jesus. Since E. Sanders the issues of purity in the Gospels have been treated with a more positive attitude and received quite detailed treatment and a balanced assessment. Recent studies in Dead Sea Scrolls, rabbinic traditions, levitical laws, and Second Temple Judaism added tremendously to our It is arguable that insufficient scholarly attention has been given to the questions of purity in John.

Definition of 'pure'

This should not be unexpected, however. The issue of purity is far more Yet, whereas they had formerly presented their bodies for impurity and lawlessness, the ones in Christ are now to present their bodies for righteousness leading to sanctification hagiasmosRom The heart of soteriology in the Epistle to the Hebrews is holiness or purity. In the larger context of the present volume and its subject, this paper refers to purity from an ontological perspective, as that which is exclusively proper to the ontological human absolute; as such, purity becomes the inherent mark or of the human hypostasis who has become an absolute in itself.

For the sake In the opening lines of his First Epistle, St. Peter exhorts the faithful to become mature in their pneumatic consecration and to enact in their It was in the myriad structures of Dissent that the biblical concept of purity found a new habitation and name—Puritanism.

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This essay will attempt to show how the ideals and insights embodied in Puritanism have re-surfaced again and again across the following centuries and can be seen today throughout The concept of purity has a prominent place in the Wesleyan tradition, as it does in the wider Western tradition of Christianity whence Wesleyan-Methodism originated. The ecclesiastical split was politically motivated.

Is my purity important to god?

Use of the concept of purity as a social or political category is a theoretical and practical mistake because it evades fundamental ambiguities and encourages authoritarianism and distorted forms of morality. I use C. Copyright Date: Search for reviews of this book. Cite this Item Book Info Purity. Book Description: In ancient societies and religion, the concept of purity was of central importance; in many modern societies it is either irrelevant or, when it is used, attached to extremely conservative agendas.

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