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Host lady picking men to Why is world of tanks matchmaking so bad

Contents: Undeniable proof that matchmaking is rigged. Bad Matchmaking! Tier 8 Matchmaking sucks Recommended Posts.

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Jump to content. Based on your stats with games, it seems that you have just left the safety of sub5kMM and have seen your winrate plummet once you ed the regular MM queue. To answer your question of why should the bad player and good player be on the same team, the answer is "because it's random and there are more bad players than good players"? If by bad player you refer to trolls and afkers, yes, that one will never change, because if they removed trolls and afkers, the playerbase will shrink considerably. Player quantity to far more important than quality, because quantity pays the bills many of the trolls buy premium tanks. HakanYksl16, on 08 January - AM, said:.

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Current of Match Making is: Implementation of the concept of "Random Battle" does not imply the selection of players by skill level. Beginners, as well as experienced players, are equally likely to get into both your team and the opposing team.

Because WG start a battle without player statics winrate, damage This problem is not fair, chances of winning not balance. WG said with me: Team that will better organize its actions and chooses the right tactics wins. WG, you can not deny this. WG said with me: The player's personal skill stands in the background, although it is important. OK, but your skill is better you will have more damage create, damage of spot, more win I think your team win with or How do we know skill based MM is not already implemented and its simple not working?

Well judging by so many weird things that happen in this game It could be already secretly implemented So many weird games I get to witness. Maybe wg is testing something new? Skill based mm the classic model discussed so far will never work tho. Sure it needs to be discussed like it was done in many other thre, but the queue times being an issue mostly, what kind of player statistic to use being another problem, what to do with the platoons is another problem They can easily pad WR using op tanks they will get on average, better mm than anyone else, because mm cannot assemble op tank platoon-counter op tanks on oposing team all the time, so on average they get easier games also because shit players tend to play shit tanks, that means platoons using op tanks will have games double easier So using certain metrics will be hard of a burden to deal with in the already busy mm.

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The problem are the platoons only, they bring many other flaws to mm. So many times I see platoon of bot camping and enemy platoon rushing into important positions and then game end in seconds Its one cause of landslides. Having META problems?

Hashtag break the META. Mostly at tier 8 i see this problem. Tier 7 same deal. It's mostly wallet warriors with Borooskeys and Brojettos going around clipping people.

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I just saw a lorraine 40T for the first time in 3 months. Other than that, defenders, super pershings and skorps have been showing up more frequently to the point the team has about 7 standard vehicles and 8 prems. I feel like skill based matchmaker is like capitalism.

Makes the "rich" richer, makes the poor, poorer. E, High win rate will get higher or stay stay high, low win rate will go lower or stay low.

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Fair and balance when i am normal people and must meet too many idiot player? Or because i am not people buy many goods from webshop? Problem is teamwork is something WG said exists in first place, when it often doesnt exist at all. Please define what you mean by "teamwork". Give me a few examples of what you consider teamwork?

Glad to hear. Quite often the best take of action is NOT trusting teammates at all. This is why so often battles are won with you top XP or dmg by a huge margin compared to your "team". WG dont know their own game. Look their map playing tips for example, Ive watched only 2 on portalbut the two Ive watched seemed to me completly useless to win games and more like their view of how that map should be played instead of how to actually play it.

And it was made by the very company that created this game. They dont know how to play it The devs are likely the ones who created it who knows, but its inacurate. The truth is that in order to wingames more often, situational awarenessoportunity takingalways using fire poweralways taking the lead, oportunity creation or going first because no one wants to go, its most of the time not about teamwork. And this is why platooning have huge advantage or disavantage, but both are rewarded while solo players have no special benefit.

Bad matchmaking?

Selfish platoons and their purposes. These platoons being incentivated to play le to more one-sided games, harder and harder to carry a game. Teamwork is something that helps to win, but its not the rule of how to win games, and the terminology of "teamwork" word have many meanings and different perspectives.

Note that I am not telling to pretend you have no team, I am saying that there is a semitransparent line between teamworking and between just being another one in that "team" of 15 players. There must be something you guys are missing.

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I ended up in a one VS 5 and lost after i made it into a 1V4. In my opinion, Premiums are wayy to advantageous.

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The Brojetto nerf was not even a nerf. They're effective as hell still and they just can't mount rammer or was it gld it now performs as if it was mounting rammer gld? It's horrendous.

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Not to mention the boorosk and the LIS. The thing can't even bounce 20mm Autocannon fire from a luchs! Why tf spend the credits when you have a eggshell armored target?? Boorosk is ok but the accuracy in hitNrun, drive by shooting sort of thing. Even EBR is less accurate. Honestly, i don't mind being called idiot player or monkey. It's the truth according to my stats but the MM being like this, I'm bound to stay this way.

Answer to the part in bold: Capitalism. Not just better Look worse and look better respectively. It's because:. I don't got much. I've played wot for about 6 years now, 3 accts in blitz from when i was in elementary and middle school, and this acct on PC. I remember when tier 2 could see tier 4.

Why is the matchmaking so bad ?

IMO, WR shouls be like ranks. Wr40 will meet Wr40, and if they increase they will meet equal players. If they decrease, they will meet equal players. It's based on skill level. Not pit a MMA fighter vs a schoolboy, Pit a schoolboy vs a schoolboy of equal physique.

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Pit the fighter against a fighter of equal skill. Here, decimals won't matter.

Bad matchmaking!

Most of my premiums I got from tankrewardsasia. Sure spent time grinding it so it was not exactly for free, but chances are many people who have it are not "wallet warriors" since they didnt spend money from wallet. I have seen they alot, they dont seem p2w wallet warriors to me.

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Oh no way, they arent p2w At least you admit something is wrong on your side, and thats a good step.